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Photo by S. Sabol           Photo by Danny Gallant

Danny Gallant
Santa Fe, New Mexico

I have had an interest in 35 mm film photography as a hobby for over 15 years. The tremendous advancements in digital photography and ink jet printing in last few years have led me to pursue photography at a professional level. I discovered that working on my photographs in the digital darkroom of my computer gives me so much more creative control than the traditional dark room ever can. The instant gratification aspect of digital photography also appeals to me. I can take a photo, immediately view it on the computer, and make an excellent print within minutes. I now exclusively use digital cameras and I do all of my own printing. Nearly all of the photos on this web site were taken with a digital camera (only three images are scans of old negatives).

I started my professional photography business in January of 2002 and created this web site to help motivate myself to improve on my art and to build up a body of work. I have invested a great deal in professional, world-class, state-of-the-art digital camera and printing equipment to enable me to produce fine-art prints of the highest quality. To ensure that my finished photographs meet my high expectations and vision, I personally do all of the work in every step of the process. I make my prints using archival pigment inks to ensure longevity rated at 200 years. I produce my framed photos with a high degree of craftsmanship (I'm also a Journeyman Machinist) in my own professional framing shop using the finest archival framing materials. I run my photography business on a part-time basis outside the normal working hours of my full-time job. Because of the part-time basis, the quantity of my prints out in the market is naturally limited. I produce each print indvidually; each one is essentially made to order.

I hope you will return to my web site occasionally to see where I've gone with it all (go to the New Photos Gallery). The lyrics of a Lyle Lovett song say it best: "redneckness is like a disease, you catch it on your finger tips and it crawls right up your sleeve" The same is true for me in photography - I've caught the bug and it has simply taken over. It's certainly a passion of mine; nearly an obsession. Are there any 12-step rehab programs out there for photographers?

Photo by B. S. Bowling

Packing my Camera Gear at Great Sand Dunes, CO
© 2002 B. S. Bowling

Photo by B. S. Bowling

Setting up for a Shot of the Taj Mahal
Agra, India
© 2003 B. S. Bowling

Photo by B. S. Bowling

Photographing the Ghats on an Early Morning Boat Ride Along the Banks of the Holly River Ganges
Varanasi, India
© 2003 B. S. Bowling

Photo by Bill Santistevan

William's Lake, Taos, NM
© 2002 Bill Santistevan

Photo by Pete Pittman

Danny Catching Some Air at Telluride, CO
© 1999 Pete Pittman

Danny Navigating Souse Hole
On the Rio Grande, Pilar, NM

Danny Gallant Photography

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