The following are examples of my work done as Gallant Innovations for various clients.


Example Drawings

I provide my clients with a copy of the drawings in PDF format.

I also provide the 3D SolidWorks solid models for use in CAM programming.


   View an example PDF assembly drawing (130K)

   View an example PDF brazement drawing (223K)


Linac Systems, Inc., Albuquerque, NM


RFI Cavities



(20” diameter x 36” long)





JP Accelerator Works, Inc.
Los Alamos, NM



PhotoWorks rendered images

Aluminum Mock-up for Testing


Copper Plating Test Piece




200 MHz Amp
IPA (2X) and FPA (18” diameter)


Section View



540 KW 200 MHz Amp

(22” diameter, 6” diameter coax)


Section View



Ion Source

(20” diameter)


Section View


JP Accelerator Works, Inc.
Los Alamos, NM



Close up PhotoWorks rendered image of the tuning bar mounted to the tank



Photo of the earlier Tuning Bar design mounted to the tank



JP Accelerator Works, Inc.
Los Alamos, NM




Drive Loop Assembly: Fabricated Assembly and Solidworks Section View





JP Accelerator Works, Inc.
Los Alamos, NM

600 MHz Amp





Coyote Creations
Santa Fe, NM


Original photo of the empty circular area for the proposed sculpture fountain
The circular curb is 48 feet in diameter


View Walking West from the Library
SolidWorks model overlaid on the photograph
Bas-Relief Figurative Sculptures and Water Sprays not Shown


View East from the Second Floor


PhotoWorks Rendered Image


Experimenting with SolidWorks and PhotoWorks






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I created the background image by scanning in some of my machinist's measuring tools, an endmill, and a curled lathe chip. I then modified the image in Corel Photo Paint.