The interpretation of the logo is pretty abstract, so here's how I see it.

The logo has both lower case initials of Gallant Innovations: a g and an i.

The i has been turned up side down and placed over the g.

If you look closely, you will see a side view of a face/head (an eye and nose) with an exclamation point over it. Focus on the white areas within the g to see the face (it's looking to the right).

The exclamation point is an artsy twist on the old "light bulb clicking on over your head when you come up with a great idea" thing. By the way, the initials of "Great Idea" are g and i too.

The lower part of the g forms the image of the nose.

The upper part of the g together with the i's dot make an eye that is looking upward like a person would do when they are trying to visualize some wonderful new thing (they kinda look upwards and say "hmmm, that would be cool").

And finally, to really stretch out this interpretation - the act of turning the i upside down and using it in a new and unexpected way exemplifies invention and the creative process.

P.S. There is also another face in the logo: the white area in the upper part of the g is the head looking to the left. The dot of the i is the eye. The lower part of the g looks like an arm holding something.







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I created the background image by scanning in some of my machinist's measuring tools, an endmill, and a curled lathe chip. I then modifed the image in Corel Photo Paint.